Dropped by the library today with all my books to return, and found out that PSU allows you to renew via the web. Yet another step closer to Amazon. ;)

I picked up my Corporate Finance textbook today, and started reading through it. This class is going to be very hectic.

Wow. ArjunSanyal has started blogging again with a fury! And it looks like I have to defend my viewpoint on Delillo's White Noise. Essentially, all the concerns (fascination with intellectual sophistry, new technology, media -- tv and radio constantly, sex, and death) are those of the college kidlings in White Noise (this is where a wiki would be handy), and our protagonist is stuck living (as a professor) in this world, much to his chagrin. The book starts with the kidlings showing up and progresses through the involvements with concerns until the noise goes away.