Every year or so, most of us have a physical check-up. We go to the doctor's, they run some basic tests, and if all is well, our basic biological functions are working a-ok. I'm surprised that this "check-up" idea hasn't spread to other services. Psychologists, Financial Analysts, Lawyers would all require an annual or bi-annual check-up to review your short and long-run plans. It'd also be cool if the same check-up could be done re: your work/career from a relatively unbiased person working in your field.

We make a lot of big decisions in life too quickly, because we get pushed into it by sales pressure and our desires. This happens all the time.

I'm going to try this algorithm to prevent this.

  1. Never sign anything without reading it and fully understanding it.
  2. If you don't understand it, run!

The hardest part about this will probably be that I'll have to phone ahead of all my appointments and ask if there are any documents I'll be required to sign. If there are, I'll need a copy delivered to me ahead of time.

With copies in hand, if I don't understand them, I'm sure there'll be someone willing to help me understand.

"It's my experience that the preponderance of individuals caught up in criminal investigations in the white-collar arena are not what people would call evil. They do not get up that morning and decide, Today I'm going to commit a crime. Most of these are normal people who end up just getting caught in somthing that spins out of control."
Benjamin Branfman

All the ethics classes in the world are not going to help against this, unless they force you to build a safety net of rational people you can depend on, if you screw up or if you think you're about to screw up.