Two dreams last night, or one dream, depending on how you like it:

Anthony Hopkins is going through the motions of the social engineering scene in 'Silence of the Lambs', getting contact information. Dreamatically, he's out of jail and trying to find an old college friend of his. He starts looking through the worst bars, noting that men like him don't have women around for very long. Anthony finds him and they reminisce and talk about how the town has changed while walking about. At the end of the visit, his old friend confides that he doesn't think he'll be able to keep this up much longer, "I'm not particularly pleased with how this all turned out: my body is frail, my genitalia scabbed, and yet I still dream."

Running down the street is a 30-ish woman wearing a skirt and using her arms to cover her breasts. A cop drives by and continues down the street. She passes someone on the street and they say something, to which, she kicks them in the shin. Crossing the street, she dashes into a cathedral. Dreamatic time skip forward, and the police inspector arrives on the scene to find a sedated younger priest, a dead older priest, the bare-breasted woman, and the priest's significant other (a 50-ish female). The 30-ish woman starts explaining how the old priest had a heart attack while they where making love in the nave. The older woman interjects, saying that's not possible, he couldn't get it up for neither woman nor man. The younger woman said she had been babbling about Mary Mother of God while stroking the elder priest, and that he had been very willing. We're still waiting on the younger priest to tell his side.