I didn't expect to be sick for this long. A couple of years back, I got the flu and it took me out. The infection spread from my sinues to my lungs and finally to my heart where it caused a heart murmur. To add insult to injury, my body became temporarily anemic over this time period. Happily, this all resolved itself in around two weeks. Since then I've gotten my flu shot and I've not had to deal with it.

Since we had a vaccine shortage this year, I opted to not get a shot (since the flu can kill), and got hammered again. Two weeks of anemia and migrating viral infection. The only thing different this time is that my kidneys hurt like they got punched (not martial arts related, I assure you). Tomorrow, I've got an appointment which will determine whether I can travel back home to see my extended family (I have five yules to tide this year ;). Hopefully, the doc and I will be able to get to the bottom of this (like IanBerry figured out his on December 19, 2004)