Thursday 2014-12-11

Once upon a time there was a father who had two sons and a belief. He loved his sons and belief very much, more than anything else in the world.

Unfortunately, that world was changing for the worse. His belief told him that where he lived was the Promised Land, but food was becoming scarcer and scarcer. And so it came to pass that he needed to make a choice.

Would he sacrifice one of his sons so that there would be enough food? Or would he sacrifice his belief and move to a more bountiful land?

The CurmudgeonsGuideToGettingAhead dwells on religion and has the quote "Kill your darlings", which together evoke the story of Abraham.

Both the Biblical and Koranic versions can be easily re-imagined with a role-reversal, where the child demands the sacrifice of the belief. This scenario will probably seem more familiar to parents.

In the story, Abraham has to emotionally prepare for the sacrifice. Is that preparation really a model for human behavior? That without it we will always lack for emotional completeness? Or does the coldness required lock away forever one of the warmer pieces of our humanity?