Someday someone's going to make a lot of money on an immersive red-pill trip that tests people to see what their revealed ethics are, instead of standard ethics tests that just report people's stated ethics.

And you know what? I bet that a lot of people are going to fail that immersive test. Because I think that there are few actual boy scouts out there, and a lot of other people who pass for boy scouts simply because they've never been in a do-or-die situation.

Of course, that argument loops back around, as any good boy scout is always prepared, so the odds of getting into a do-or-die situation are very low. So the explanation of the low number of do-or-die situations reported in the news is that there are either:

  1. Lots of do-or-die situations, and lots of boy scouts to defuse them, or
  2. Few do-or-die situations, and few boy scouts.

My money is on few do-or-die situations.