Last night I watched Saw II as I've been on a horror kick recently. In it, the evil guy has holed up in a warehouse in which he set lots of traps; given that the cops know the evil guy they send in a SWAT team to take him out. And then the SWAT guys start dying, as they fall prey to the devious traps setup by evil guy.

While it seems like an insane twist on 007's tech fetish, it annoyingly fails basic tech tests. So I tuned out a bit, and wondered what a SWAT operation would look like in 20-50 years. Instead of sending humans in, I guess that they'd have little robotic drones; something like a bunch of spiders with acoustic weapons like LRAD and capable of working together to secure, identify, and transport humans.

Also, the future will probably also have a credible non-negotiation principle. As the technological cost hurdle to holding lots of people hostage drops, removing all negotiation means that evil guys never derive any benefit from making large threats. Once identified and located, their game has ended.