Monday 2011-08-01

Just got back to Singapore from two weeks in the States visiting family; many discussions regarding marriage and also real estate. On the marriage front, my brother may marry his seemingly fairly committed girlfriend, or not since her first marriage was a disaster (long term relationship worked, within one year of marriage it detonated); and I've been talking with my girlfriend, alarice, about marriage types.

You know you're in trouble when you're drawing dependency diagrams and wondering why the legal code doesn't support a more generic marriage framework.

Regarding real estate, I pitched creating a vehicle for family real estate, since we don't currently have one. So now I have to go find an appropriate jurisdiction / format and take a first stab at its organization.

In other news, one of the approaches to JFK flies over a flat suburbia with water towers every few square miles. The zoning restrictions on building heights means that the towers dominate the surrounding area, like War Of The Worlds green-tentacled bots menacing the suburbs.

Which are not unlike the soccer-ball-sized slimy-tentacled jellyfish that I pulled out of Long Island Sound by the 10s toward the end of July. It was easily the largest collection of big jellyfish that I've seen ( 30 years of observations ;). Global climate change, fish stock depletion, or fluke: take your pick.