Friday 2010-08-13

dreamt I was walking along the marina and an ex-pat friend flounced up to me, saying that her boyfriend had found a new bank scam for DBS bank. Part of me was interested, and part of me was "she's probably dating some pudgwick with a scam2.". The interested part won, and we went back to her new offices, where I saw a worker scraping off the DBS insignia from the main door.

Pudgwick was on the phone, so I wrote "DBS Scam?" on the wall, only I kept being dyslexic, so that I had to write one letter ( I wasn't sure what letter would appear), then based on the letter, write another letter on the side with better odds, and repeat until I had written "DBS", for some reason I had no problem writing "Scam ?". I then looked over at Pudgwick, who saw my note and started to say something.

That's when I woke up. lol.