Saturday 2011-09-10

Daniel Lieberman from bitpusher is expanding into Asia, he and one co-founder self-funded and he bought out the co-founder with a multi-year promissory note.

Jason ONG is trying to set up a freelancer consultancy that jives with WorkOrNotWork

WONG Meng Weng's grand-dad had six wives, started barbershops and restaurants where females served people, which was innovative in Zhongshan, CN, he then moved to SG and Meng's dad had two wives.

Florian Cornu is working on flocations

During Tamas Herman's ADHD talk, cure together came up, which aggregates treatment information. Have to register to view any data = annoying....

Thomas Gorissen from adz central is working on ad delivery networks: Supply-Side Providers have ad space to sell, exchanges like AppNexus which run real-time auctions for an ad with bidding by severl Demand-Side Providers who aggregate advertisers. Bidders get cookie and possibly intent information to bid on; coordinating total ad spend in a large distributed system = fun.