Joking around about gas prices versus beer prices, I wondered how many of the calories in beer came from the alcohol versus the sugars, and whether that varies a bunch or not. Courtesy of beer 100, we have the following ranking of calories per percentage alcohol content:

41.577825 Sam Adams Cream 37.321429 Anchor Porter [30]Anchor 36.206897 Sierra Nevada Stout 35.714286 Sierra Nevada Porter 35.714286 Sierra Nevada Pale 35.714286 Michelob Honey Lager 34.412955 Leinenkugel Creamy Dark 33.684211 Sam Adams Boston 33.603239 Leinenkugel Red [64]Leinenkugel 33.333333 Yuengling Porter D.G. 33.265306 George Killian's Irish 32.995951 Leinenkugel Northwoods Lager 32.888889 Genesee Beer [47]High 32.830189 Pete's Wicked Ale 32.548180 Leinenkugel Original [62]Leinenkugel 32.444444 Old Milwaukee Beer 32.391304 Stroh's Beer Pabst 32.388664 Sam Adams Boston 32.340426 Michelob Golden Draft 32.142857 Weinhard's Amber Light 32.093023 Carling Black Label 31.956522 Weinhard's Pale Ale 31.923077 Sam Adams Cherry 31.923077 Michelob Amber Boch 31.875000 Signature Stroh Beer 31.875000 Blatz Beer Pabst 31.764706 Genesee Cream Ale 31.666667 Blue Moon [35]Adolph 31.568627 Weinhard's Blonde Lager 31.385281 Michael Shea's [68]High 31.250000 Weinhard's Private Reserve 31.224490 Anchor Steam [31]Anchor 31.063830 Schlitz Beer Pabst 31.063830 Olympia Premium Lager 31.022530 Red Hook ESB 31.000000 Michelob Beer [70]Anheuser 30.869565 Schaefer Beer Pabst 30.816327 Weinhard's Hefeweizen [99]Miller 30.681818 Yuengling Premium Beer 30.681818 Yuengling Lager D.G. 30.638298 Hamm's Golden Draft 30.638298 Hamm's Beer [54]Miller 30.600000 Pabst Blue Ribbon 30.425532 Miller High Life 30.425532 Miller Genuine Draft 30.284553 Leinenkugel Honey Weiss 30.204082 Genesee Red [50]High 30.000000 Old Milwaukee Light 29.838710 Schlitz Malt Liquor 29.000000 Yuengling Ale D.G. 29.000000 Budweiser [40]Anheuser Busch 28.923077 Red Hook IPA 28.913043 Busch Beer [42]Anheuser 28.644068 Busch Ice [43]Anheuser 28.524590 Colt 45 Malt 28.444444 Milwaukee's Best [82]Miller 28.400000 Coors Banquet Beer 28.035714 Mickey's Fine Malt 28.035714 Magnum Malt Liquor 27.118644 Olde English 800 27.090909 Icehouse [53]Miller 5.5 26.909091 Bud Ice [37]Anheuser 26.829268 Michelob Golden Draft 26.829268 Hamm's Special Light 26.829268 Bud Ice Light 26.800000 Pabst Extra Light 26.666667 Rolling Rock Premium 26.610169 Anheuser Busch Natural 26.570048 Leinenkugel Amber Light 26.440678 Genesee Ice [49]High 26.400000 Icehouse [52]Miller 5 26.279070 Michelob Light [74]Anheuser 26.190476 Schlitz Light Pabst 26.190476 Miller High Life 26.190476 Miller Genuine Draft 26.190476 Busch Light [44]Anheuser 26.190476 Bud Light [39]Anheuser 26.000000 Bud Dry [36]Anheuser 25.789474 Yuengling Light D.G. 25.681818 Stroh's Light Pabst 25.059666 Leinenkugel Light [65]Leinenkugel 24.761905 Keystone Light [58]Adolph 24.545455 Keystone Premium [57]Adolph 24.406780 Milwaukee's Best Ice 24.285714 Coors Light [46]Adolph 24.237288 Keystone Ice [59]Adolph 23.170732 Michelob Ultra [75]Anheuser 23.023256 Budweiser Select [41]Anheuser 22.926829 Aspen Edge [34]Adolph 22.857143 Miller Lite [81]Miller 22.619048 Anheuser Busch Natural 21.777778 Milwaukee's Best Light

Awesome. As a long time beer drinker, I have, from time to time, looked up calories/% of alcohol for various beers that I was into at any given time. I am struck that Michelob Ultra, isn't that much lower in carbs/calories than Miller Lite. I love the high calorie/carb craft beers (which aren't on that list), but when I am watching my calorie intake, I will often switch to Miller Lite. I see now that is probably a good choice. -- Nathan
You know, thinking this over... I should order Everclear on the rocks next time. ;) -- Patrick.