Sunday 2018-12-30

Bird Box directed by Susanne Bier

Here's a GRE verbal exam analogy for you.

        A Quiet Place : Arab Spring :: Bird Box : ______

Reviewers have penned answers such as Motherhood and Trump, which seem closer to the mark than most reviewers' answer of post-apocalyptic paranoid pap. However, when the first words of the film are "If you look, you die." the heart of the matter seems more likely to be Censorship.1

In the film, the pros and cons are given voice in the argument between Tom and Malorie over his bedtime story of climbing to the top of an oak tree to see what he could see: Malorie wants to prevent the kids from thinking along lines which will get them hurt, and Tom wants to give the kids a reason to live.

After which the satire progresses: Tom is killed, Mal and the kids brave the river of life's rapids blind-folded, and the coup de grace is delivered when Mal and the kids find sanctuary in a school.

Of course, only in film are schools halcyon and pure; ask any parent, and you will hear tales of what new words were learned, and nowadays, of what videos had been seen.

  1. Pity the MPAA reviewers! A film opens with those words and you probably know that your next two hours will be spent watching a film that makes fun of your job.
    And naturally, a film about censorship has to be rated R.