SG's business registry department (ACRA) has a site where you can buy data from them. I filled out a form with the following request:

I would like a report of:
the number of new companies formed in SG 
grouped by YearMonth, SSIC 
where YearMonth >= 200401 and YearMonth <= 200907;

How much will this query cost?


I know it won't parse immediately as SQL; I don't know what they run for a DB, I just hope that this will make it easier for whoever gets the request.

I got this reply back from ACRA:
To provide monthly statistics on all business entities (companies, businesses, LLPs and PAFs) registered between January 2004 and July 2009 by SSIC Codes.

1. To replicate the template for monthly data for the requested period
2. To provide breakdown for the various entities

Estimated Cost for Data Extraction:
Total Estimated Cost: $ 2090 (in PDF Format)


I wrote back asking for a cost breakdown as the published cost components on the site don't warrant thousands of dollars in costs. They could probably avoid a bunch of hassles from people like me if ACRA published their table schema online.