Providing a common initial run-time for python scripts at a workplace doesn't seem to get much attention (or I'm googling incorrectly ;). Common initializations make debugging and other maintenance tasks easier since you know what to expect from the runtime.

I claim that the simplest way to do this = put the following at the top of your script prior to importing libraries.

exec open("/etc/company_name/")

where /etc/company_name/ contains routines to add library paths relative to the script running (most likely from an exported repository), logging setup, and any other items.

""" setup the pythonpath """

import sys
sys.path.insert(0, "/etc/company_name/")

def bootpy_merge_paths(*relative_paths):
        path = ""
        # get path from cwd to this program 
        if "/" in sys.argv[0]:
                path = sys.argv[0].split('/')
                path[-1] = ""
                path = '/'.join(path)

        # merge relative path from cwd -> program -> library
        for r in relative_paths:
                sys.path.insert(0, path + r)

# merge in library paths in our repo
bootpy_merge_paths("../lib", "../../lib", "../../../lib")

""" set up logging """
import logging

""" anything else? """

Or does a better way exist?