Talking with a guy from Borneo...

What about crocodiles? Do you have crocodiles in Borneo?
Yeah, bad. One month, one man we lose. (makes quick sidearm snatching motion with his hand).
Every month crocodiles kill someone near you?
We hunt that crocodile, kill it.
How do you find it?
Man.. elder.. in village point where.
How does he know?
Don't know.. we go there, kill crocodile, has dead man inside, bury.
You don't kill all the crocodiles?
No, just the one kill our friend.

It's easy to overreact. I like that he didn't. - Cal

I don't think the elder has special powers. I think that more often than not, the first big croc you come across in the wild in Borneo has eaten human in their recent digestive history. ;) -- Patrick

The elder knew which croc because he hired the hit then ratted out the hitman.

Sorry, that should have ended with -Andy J