One of the last classes you take in the Penn State MBA program is Business 588, "Strategic Management". Students taking the course apply the various analytic frameworks taught in earlier classes (SWOT, Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Fit, etc.) from the viewpoints of the various stakeholders involved.

Unfortunately, this class is taught as if we're in high school. We have bi-weekly multiple choice exams, lectures which cover the exact same material as the book, and external readings with questions of the "find the quote and highlight it" type. Over time, this has just lead to fits of annoyance, and bouts of "what am I doing here" self-questioning.

Today, the prof wrapped up the lecture and got ready to allow the class to have a ten-minute break. I asked if I could have two minutes to talk, he said fine. I walked to the front of the class, and asked the prof to cover his ears and turn around and face the wall. I asked the class to vote; How many of you think this class isn't cutting it? How many of you had higher expectations of the capstone course in an MBA program?

Only 4 people raised their hands. I said "Only 4?" loud enough so the prof could hear, as he was undoubtedly listening to this, and said, "Fine, thanks." and went back to my desk and participated nicely for the remainder of the class.

The funny thing is that even with the professor facing the wall and arms over his ears, people had a hard time admitting the class is flawed. The people that did raise their hand, lowered it very quickly, like they were nervously bidding at Sotheby's.