Tire Rack is a good site for car tire reviews and pricing. I have a slow leak in my rear passenger-side tire, so I bought two Kumho A/S 795s for $134 (2 tires + shipping + installation) to replace the rear tires, given the reviews and pricing on Tire Rack. I probably had ~$20 of wiggle room in the price that I could have haggled, but that's just guessing.

Anyone haggle tire purchasing before?

You know, I've never really spent all that much time pricing tires... I suppose I do it infrequently enough that it's never been all that important. I grumble about it once ever 5 years or so, but then it's over with :-) That said, I'm curious what's out there, and the difference betweem that and buying from Sears, so I'll go take a look :-) -Eric