Friday 2010-09-24

For the last couple weeks, I've been drinking way too much caffeine and not getting enough sleep. That led to a urinary tract infection (first time ever, yay), so I had to go read about why urination hurt (go webmd ;).

The bad thing was that when I went to the doctor I already had a preconception of what my problem was, so that I presented evidence that would cause the doctor to decide on UTI as highest probable cause.

Next time, I'll still read webmd, however I need to write down all my symptoms ahead of time so that I don't try to shape the doctor's finding as they go through SOAP. After all, they have expertise, let's harvest that additional data.

Regardless, the doctor had the last laugh, as they gave me ciprofloxacin and potassium citrate.

Saturday 2010-10-02

When you're prescribed cipro for a week, I do not recommend eating Thai the day after you finish the cipro. I forgot that the cipro had destroyed my intestinal flora, so I spent Friday morning pumping out the tank from both ends. Luckily, I had some rehydration salts, which stopped the fluid loss. Only thing left was to endure the dehydration headache.