Wednesday 2013-02-13

Over the Chinese New Year break, I ran into someone I'd not seen in a while. They were going to go for a 4-hour walk throughout SG, however I managed to convince them to go for a minor walk about the neighborhood prior to their mini-marathon.

In the process of catching up, we were talking about common risks: how as a skater I saw what happens to skin and bones at 20 km/h, and how even at that speed it's difficult to react in time. We may have big brains, however we're always massively impaired when we go much faster than that, e.g. skiing or driving cars.

As they were objecting to the "massively impaired", we watched a minivan attempt a three-point turn, during which it drove into one of the streetlights with a resultant curb scrape and crunch. This was in broad daylight.

Nothing worse than idiots with momentum....