When you typically don't get a lot of snow, what should you do? Make lots of snow because everyone has lots of practice dealing with volumes of snow.

Beijing's airport canceled more than 60 flights and delayed more than 120 others today as the heaviest snowfall in the Chinese capital in at least 54 years blanketed the city for the third day this month. Tens of thousands of vehicles and people were stranded on highways linking the city with the surrounding provinces of Shanxi, Hebei, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia, according to state news agency Xinhua. Three children in Hebei province were killed and 28 others injured when accumulated snow caused a primary school cafeteria's roof to collapse, Xinhua reported separately...The government induced snowfall in the capital on Nov. 10 by seeding clouds with silver iodide, the China Daily newspaper reported yesterday,
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The bad thing is that the planners of this fail will probably not be executed by being buried alive in snow. So now we have incentive fail as well.