Counting Heads by David Marusek

Nanotech runs amok, cities cower behind defensive domes, governments disappear people, and everyone is more or less happy. It's kind of like the joke about a North Korean, a Frenchman, and an Englishman who are comparing their greatest joys: the Brit extols the virtues of a good walk in the countryside, finished off with a pipe by the fireplace. The Frenchman snorts and tells about how just last month he was sailing on the Riviera whle making love to a bombshell blonde. The North Korean demures; when pressed he says his greatest joy was on a calm winter night which was shattered by the Secret Police kicking in the door to his tiny apartment, dragging his too-skinny children in front of him and his wife, asking "Which of you is Lee Sung Hai?", and he got to say "Lee Sung Hai lives next door!"

This book should've been either shorter, or a bit longer. He's just packed too many human stories in to resolve them in the 300 pages he (or his editor) gave himself.