BradyAlleman wrote recently about workplace discontentment, a subject with which many of us ex-CtiNetworks types are familiar. Looking back, I know I didn't help at all; after 2000, I had almost completely burnt out on CTI and really should not have been managing there.

Other than burnout, what were the issues there? I think it all boils down to:

  1. Lack of Direction (no plan you could point to)
  2. Interpersonal issues arising because management was out to lunch and we didn't take care of people

It really sucks when your organization is hurting, and now I'd really recommend thinking about whether the organization is salvageable by your actions with others. If so, commit to fixing things completely (this may mean doing things you never really thought you would be doing); if not, try to find somewhere else, hopefully on a project you believe in. Although, from my experience, there isn't anything worse than being trapped at job because you're finishing school or some other limitation.