Friday 2010-10-15

Steve Newcomb blogged about creating cults out of one's workplace. Let's take his laundry list of recommendations and try to place them in terms of Cialdini's Influence framework (Scarcity, Commitment/Consistency, Liking, Authority, Reciprocation, Social Proof) to see whether he left any methods untouched.

  1. If/Then Statements (Hiring Dependencies)
    Commitment - Employee me agrees to sign up
    Social Proof - Look at all the other names
    Liking - And I even like them, too
  2. Full-time, Equity-only
    Commitment - I must really like this company, since I took so much equity and so little pay
  3. Suspend Disbelief (Hire awesome people)
  4. Interviewing = Dumb (Hire awesome people)
  5. Hire Slowly, and when defenestrating, let Gravity do the work (Hire awesome people)
  6. Super A = pseudo-math cause I'm smart (Hire awesome people)
  7. Team Ownership ( Team Hiring )
    Scarcity - difficult to get hired = it must be good
  8. Treat Candidates Well
    Liking - even though i failz0r'd their tests, i'm not a pud, so they must be awesome
    Reciprocation - so i'll tell other people about this awesome
  9. Engineers Suck (wave hi to the differential pay problem)
    None. Replace this problem with the Full-time/Equity-only bit
  10. Dominate (use the novel to filter for the awesome)
  11. Rent Gold (sell preparation for the next thing)
  12. Be transparent in bed
  13. Trial all the time
    Commitment - I put up with constant new carp all the time, I must like this place
  14. Founders Don't Interview
  15. Never Let Go (hire awesome people)
  16. Press Coverage
    Social Proof - cool people doing cool stuff covered by cool news outlet, must be good
  17. Try Before Buying (hire awesome people, use gravity)
  18. Vetos (hire awesome)
    Commitment - I voted that person in, i must want to work with them
    Liking - I voted them in, they must rock
    Social Proof - Everyone else voted them in, they must really rock
  19. Double Unanimous (hire awesome)
    Same as Vetos, Again
  20. No negotiation (no prima donna)
  21. Equity instead of Salary
    Same as Full-time / Equity-only
  22. Miscellaneous
    Liking - benefits = good
    Reciprocation - stuff for me? i work harder
  23. One Mile (live close)
    Commitment - I moved for this company, it must rock
  24. Worst case
  25. 4:20 (in which we flaunt convention)
    Authority - only CEO sits in the hot seat

Boiling it all down, Newcomb recommends hiring only awesome people and triggering our commitment/consistency bias whenever possible.