Love advice: lessons from history's great seductresses by Betsy Prioleau

Ms. Prioleau argues that ladies should be emotion-in-motion, observing that "Men don't want another over-easy pleaser, they want to labor for love.".

Ms. Prioleau is a fool. Alpha people simply don't have time to fuck around. Look around you. Although there are some genetic freaks out there, we're all more or less the same when we exit the womb. So, how do alpha people become alphas? By spending more time practicing the local alpha determinant (sports, intelligence, whatever) than the surrounding people.

So, now the alpha is "laboring for love", not art. Great. If the beta actually pair-bonds with the alpha, the beta will have wasted the alpha's time, and now the alpha has a greater chance of being out-competed.

You want lessons from history?

  1. Find someone who catches your eye just as you've caught theirs. A good rule of thumb is that if you catch eyes twice, you should think about talking together. If you catch eyes thrice, you're the fool if you don't engineer a way to start talking.
  2. [Make yourself available to] Strike up a conversation. This is the art part of meeting someone, but art favors the bold.
  3. Then work together to help each other do whatever you want to do.
  4. De Tocqueville noted that Americans seemed to be always forming clubs. Well, when you're as mobile as we are, the easiest way to establish social ties is to share an interest with people. Of course, now we have online dating, which is a vast improvement.