Saw this quote in the Financial Times today:

US regulators are strengthening market surveillance methods amid concern that hedge funds and other large investors are systematically engaging in hard-to-detect forms of insider trading.
-- From FT article

Trading generates a huge amount of data, which all parties collect as no one trusts anyone else in this zero-sum game. This data goes back many years, and for each data point, three organizations would have to be complicit (buyer, seller, and exchange) in order for data to be subverted.

Engaging in illicit trading activity means betting that no one will detect it until you die or disappear. From a forensics perspective, you have essentially been photographed doing the deed, but those photos were duplicated and archived with billions of other photographs. Your problem is that Search is always getting better.

Oddly enough, people will misjudge or ignore the duration of the game, so they tend to act optimally with regards to their mistaken short-term views. Many strategy games have an interesting time dimension which can help make people aware of mistaken tendencies.

Clearly, Hedgies should play more PuertoRico. ;)