Monday 2012-11-05

Hurricane Sandy has me stuck back in States for a bit, so I've been veg'ing out. Watching Chicago Fire with my parents, one of the firefighters has chosen to go up against a corrupt cop. Who begins to wage a sugar and spice campaign: offering cash (refused), slashing the fireman's truck tire, offering cash again (refused), slashing the fireman's girl's car tire.

When you don't have so much, attackers have fewer ways to get to you. Witness the girl, Miss Minimalist, when her home was burgled. Her major possessions seem mostly virtual: blog, savings, identity, health/life, friends, family, and maybe a job.

Not her home. After the US housing crash and related recession, I see why some people would be a bit wary of committing a sizeable chunk of savings to that investment, despite historically cheap loans. Unless one has kids, one seems to really only need a home as a place to crash.

What happens when we no longer need to sleep? Minimalists will be able to live at hackerspaces, health clubs, restaurants, and dump gear/clothes in secure storage units. Depending on how far out you think we are from zero sleep, it may or may not make sense to buy a home.

30 years is a long time.