Two weeks ago, I ditched my car. I still need to sell it off; but I've been using the Seattle bus system to get around town. I won't be able to completely ditch using a car (remote happenings like gaming or mandarin club meetings), so I'll have to rent one for those times.

The best things about using public transport:

  1. Reading -- Getting to read instead of stare at cars just rocks.
  2. Walking -- Gives your city a whole new perspective.

With the perspective shift, I've been exploring more. I really like the South Downtown area of Seattle: light-industrial + port works. Only problem lies in that it has the Albany, NY disease where it closes down on Sunday....

When I lived in New Orleans, I rode my bike to work or took the bus (except for a couple of jobs where I worked far out of town). Reading on the bus is awesome. Even more awesome is the show you sometimes get with crazy people! Now, I work at home. No car needed, but I might bike to the library. -- Mark H.
I can't read on the bus. My brain gets dizzy. But the iPod comes in handy, and sometimes I'll just take a nap. Bus naps are awesome, but I never know if I'm snoring or not and nobody has said anything so far. For all I know people could look at me and think, "Ah, there's that guy who snores."

Today I spent most of the bus trip fantasizing about biz names and domain names and desperately wanting to get home and domify some names. Some jackass already owns the names I came up with. Allegedly, they're expired and GoDaddy is waiting to sell them. I added my name to the wait list so with any luck, they'll be mine... Cal

I took the bus to the new job a number of times, and it was unbearable. The Harrisburg mass transit system is abysmal. I really would love it if we had decent bus schedules. -- Nathan
Nate: I can't imagine they're any worse than New Orleans. The key to using a bad bus system is to just let go. Schedule time to wait on the bus. Someone else is driving! Relax! (I have no clue how well this relates to reality, but I've heard plenty of complaints about every mass transit system. When I was in New York, the subway system amazed me, but people still found plenty to complain about.)
Well, I am open to the idea that people like to complain about things they shouldn't. But there is certain empirical evidence which can't be denied. 1. I lived in Pittsburgh and it was much easier to get around via bus. And 2 it took me about 45 minutes to get 12 miles. Those two things would suggest a bad bus system. -- Nathan