On vacation in CT, I've been having vivid dreams again...

I'm in observer mode, watching things unfold...
someone is interviewing a kelly slater-like surfer who was a bboy before -- in a parking lot
surfer is talking about his broken but mostly working iphone,
interviewer wonders why he doesn't just get a new one, it's not like he doesn't have money
surfer says his wife got one free, and they sold that one cause they don't need it
interviewer asks what's it like being a you? surf when you want, snowboard when you want, hang out in parking lot when you want
surfer: i'm wearing $15 in clothes now when people pay me retarded amounts not to
who's the most influential person in your life?
my dad
a doctor walks into the frame and puts a brain scan harness on surfer's head. time passes, cut to a new shot...
surfer says 'there were a thousand people better than i was'
he starts bboy breaking on a lightpole sticking horizontally out of building
then pulls the lightpole off of the building
and pulls the bulb out of the pole
eats open the bulb
while holding the bulb-skull in his hand, wisps of smoke swirl around his face
his face slowly changes into his dad's
doctor rushes forward, holds him, confirms it's his dad
face morphs back to surfer
question forms on surfer's face, wha? which quickly changes to rage, as it's changing to rage, it morphs into a raging chimpanzee
time lapse...
camera starts up
in parking lot
focus on smiling chimp
zoom in slowly as chimp's face forms an expression of stupid joy
chimp jumps suddenly towards the camera view, face instantly enraged
his face bounces quickly, irregularly, and incessantly between insidid happiness and complete rage
zoom out to see chimp chained to tree, leaving him there.