Contrary to the's Selected Sections of the Washington State Liquor Act, which states that drinking in public carries a fine of $100, the Washington Legislature has classed drinking in public as a Class 3 Civil Infraction with a maximum penalty of $50.

Last Friday everyone bailed on drinking except for Aaron and I; we hit up the 9Lb Hammer for some pitchers and table shuffleboard, bailed on that after getting destroyed by a couple of summer camp counselors (ouch...), walking up to Stellar we started challenging each other to climb that wall, or vault that fence, or jump that sign, which ended in bruises and lots of stoopid fun. Arriving at Stellar, we annoyed the waitresses by retiring to the pool room with a pitcher and food orders. After a game or two, they (presumably the waitstaff) changed the music from alt-rock to girl-pop, which I interpreted as the doors closing "vacate the premises immediately" sign. Walking back to work, some stacktrain was rolling by, blocking our path, so we charged the train, climbing up, over, and off it as it rolled by. Happily, I'm not blogging from a Seattle Hospital.

I had clearly consumed too much alcohol, so I naturally could not pass up climbing all over the playground that we passed near. Several hours later, after we had argued nature vs nurture (aaron for nature), argued with the wobbly skateboard nee hobby horse on a steel spring ( guess what won that ), and climbed all worth climbing, my hands were wrecked and had the feeling that several disparate parts of me were going to be complaining over-dramatically next morning. All in all, though, it's good fun to mix alcohol, philosophy, and what passes for exercise in my life.