Effective Interviewing Robert Edenborough

Compares and contrasts interview types, however doesn't actually get into the differences beyond the differing goals of interviews. I would have preferred a classification with compare/contrast based on tactics used.

The rather relentless questioning of one party by another or others, what we would now call interrogation, is undoubtedly ancient. Among other examples the viva voce examination was, for centuries, the standard way to examinging undergraduates in the universities...
Formal questioning was, of course, an integral part of the procedures used by the Inquisition set up by Pope Innocent III under the Congregation of the Holy Office in the thirteenth century.
page 16-7
Interviewing's proud heritage...

I'm amazed by how many books you're reading right now. I haven't even been able to keep up with your reviews! All I'm reading at the moment is some Charles Stross fantasy (book #3 The Merchant Princes series) for its unstressingness. -- Cal

It's a vacation. ;) I don't normally make time to read casually. Besides, while many disciplines don't move very fast, they do change, so it's good to browse through a library once in a while and follow your curiosity... On a rant note, I would love to have a Knowledge book that published annual updates (kind of like encyclopedias' year books with a focus on ideas not events). We used to use the Nobel Prize that way, you followed the annual lectures and could keep abreast of the biggest development that year. -- Patrick