Effective Interviews by Jenny Rogers

  1. Research the job, the organization
  2. Prepare yourself by having one practice interview
  3. Wear appropriate dress
  4. The interview is a social occasion -- handle it so you make the interviewers feel comfortable
  5. Handle all questions by offering evidence of how your experience fits the job
  6. Keep your answers to no more than 2-3 minutes
  7. The interview is a two-way process: use it to get more info and to decide if you want the job
  8. Assuming you want the job, convey enthusiasm for it
  9. Don't negotiate salary and conditions at the interview -- keep that for when you are offered the job
  10. Write a thank you letter -- even if you don't get the job
  11. Chapter 1, 10 Golden Tips
what skills is the employer looking for?
what type of person?
what experience?
Chapter 2, Identifying what the employer wants
how does this fit into their goals?
Do you look the part?
Chapter 2, Self-presentation
break compound questions apart
summarize rambling questions
refrain from answering hypothetical questions (!)
try to get to the core of politically incorrect questions, or leading questions
turn off-the-wall questions towards your history
Chapter 3, Coping with Incompetent Interviewers
have some anecdotes ready that showcase your talents
Chapter 3, Giving a presentation