Friday 2012-11-09

There's a subreddit called Every Day Carry which originally started for people who carry handguns, and has since branched out into the things that people carry every day.

My 2012-11 EDC =

  1. Wallet - international bifold
    1. cash
    2. debit card
    3. metro card
    4. door card
  2. Leatherman on belt
  3. Motorola backflip

I don't drive, so I don't need to carry any ID that would link the door card to the location of said door. The debit card does not function as a credit card, so if I need to, I could ditch the wallet without it wrecking much of my life.

The Leatherman just rocks. Uses for it appear all the time; just yesterday, I repaired a co-worker's door with it. I dropped by their office, while chatting I noticed their door jamb padding was stripping out. Simple fix with the flat head to reseat the padding, all while nonchalantly chatting away.

I'm looking for a new phone; I'm going to try one of the androids with a 4" screen with 3G net access for a month, to see how useful constantly available connectivity is. I figure the 4" screen might be just inside the edge of usability with respect to ease of reading.