One weekend. Two parties. Three girls completely mis-read ( as in the 'what do you mean she's married?' level of mis-read). The only good thing that came of it was a new personal record in rowing 5Km.

Singapore has a bunch of languages, here's some thai that the girl on the couch next to me says is real thai:
pom2 za4 tam = of course I do (in thai)
pom2 pod1 thai meidai2 = I don't speak thai
pod1 thai dai2 mai4 = do you speak thai?
ee1 = more
sabai dee1 mai2 = how are you?
sabai dee1 = i'm fine
sabai mai4 = my dog died, i got fired, and i have the flu

And some bahasa from the nasi padang spot in Lucky Plaza:
ayam balado = spicy chicken
dendeng balado = spicy beef
bayam = spinach
telor = egg
dada = breast (like of chicken)
tahu = tofu