I run a fairly minimalist FVWM config because I don't like to have much on my screen to distract me when I'm trying to do stuff. I know that my focus "strength", i.e. how much I can block out stuff other than the current task, varies a lot over time and I need all the help I can get. ;)

Being impressed with GettingThingsDone, my config has several interesting features:

  1. Viewport Scrolling: My work is best described as a stack, new things get pushed on to the stack all the time. With scrolling, just push your mouse to the right edge, and you get more unused real estate for that new task.
  2. Window Warping: When you Alt-Tab, the window you chose warps to your current viewport.
  3. No Window Titles: Use the edges or the keyboard, it's one less thing to always see.
  4. No Icons: Why litter on your screen?
I put together an animated gif demo of how it works, a screenshot, and the config files all in my FVWM project. Of course, it's minimal, so if you want to setup Expose for FVWM (using taviso's Thumbnail function), the files are setup so that it's pretty easy to do.