Trying to find available, "good" domain names just plain sucks. Most of the tools (bust a name, registrars' "suggested" names) seem like someone had a spare random-bot lying around and decided it needed a job. Due to Six Hour Startup, I've been on a web kick recently, so this project seemed the right size for

Try it out; I'm looking for feedback, so any comments you can throw my way would be much appreciated.

update 20080214
I just posted a link to on news.yc. it'll be interesting to see what that does to site traffic. ;)

Interesting concept. Several of the domains it suggested weren't actually available for purchase though (at least not when I asked through GoDaddy). Btw, wanted to let you know I got Ubuntu working on my laptop (dual boot w/ XP). Spent several hours last night and this morning trying to get wireless working and I have finally been victorious. You don't even know how stoked I am right now. Cal
Hey Patrick. I tried it, and it's pretty neat. Although there are so few names left I got a lot of "returned 0 available domains out of 1 tested". Until I started putting a space between words. So "mencooking", which returned 0, became "men cooking" and that actually returned 14 hits. Much better results. I just wasn't sure if that was intended or not. -- Nathan
Sorry about the confusion, Nate. I just put up a default query to hint towards using word separation. -- Returning unavailable domains? I'll write Cal for which ones, and see what happened. Thanks!
ok, fix0r'd the false availability issue. sorry about that. stupid internet. ;)
I'm putting in ridiculous domain names that in no way could be (and aren't per GoDaddy) registered and it's not showing them as being available. e.g. "" (w/ Synonym and New options checked) - "returned 0 available domains out of 0 tested in 0.001965 seconds." Same results w/ no boxes checked.

On further inspection, it works as expected w/ only the Synonym Search box checked. I'm not sure if this is intended behaviour, but it is a bit confusing from the perspective of the end user. Even on these other searches it would make sense to let the user know if the exact domain name put in is available.

- Cal

Eeps. Time for a little hacking to resolve that issue. Until I get that fixed, here's some
That should be fixed now.... I even added a little help if things look like they went awry.