Without vimperator, firefox needs some tweaks to make it more keyboard usable for me. Why would I not use vimperator? 1) making a site that others might use, and 2) I've not hacked OneBunny support into vimperator.

First off, I need a bookmark to view-source in the current tab ( with some hackery, this might become a OneBunny shortcut).

javascript:window.location='view-source:' + window.location.href

Next, some about:config changes:

keyword.URL = "http://shortcuts.haller.ws/?"
browser.backspace_action = 0
browser.tabs.tabMinWidth = 0

Too bad that firefox doesn't let us hide the tab line.

Have you, or anyone, found a way to change the keys one would use to scroll? I have adopted the vim navigation keys for just about everything else, but firefox remains elusive to me. I just want to scroll up and down, and side to side with hjkl. BTW, Opera supports this fine, and I use it. But I can't totally get away from FF, so it would rawk to have. Also, in my quest to make my machine unusable to anyone but me, I have adopted using M-w/C-y for copy and paste, getting that to work in FF would also be a boon! -- Nat Pizzle.

It seems like you have to use vimperator or some other hackable chrome. See VimperatorAllGrownUp -- Patrick.

Yeah, I have used it. It's a little too much vim for browsing. -- Nathan