I popped open my trusty rss reader (mutt) and what did I see but the following:

Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 23:20:36 -0000 From: "Attrition.Org Dataloss Feed" freeIDENTITYprotect.com rips off RSS feeds from non-profit organizations like Attrition.org to sell their crap on the internet data loss circa 2008/4/11

Since they poisoned their feed, I figured it might be like Mountweazels for dictionaries; I hadn't ever heard of fIp, so I went to their site:

A couple years ago, some college girls (Molly and Ruth) from the Boston area had a blog called pancake heaven. I had a picture of Bjork in my online archive, and they embedded it directly in their main page; as their blog got more popular, finally I figured it was time to pull the plug. So I replaced the picture of Bjork with this picture of Bjork.

You, sir, are hillarious. I llol'ed for about a minute. (literally laughed out loud.) -- Cal