Thursday 2018-05-31

There are several versions of the Garden of Eden story -- this is but one.

In the Garden of Eden, there were three Trees whose fruit were forbidden to Adam and Eve: the tree of eternal life, the tree of power, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Though the Garden was plentiful, their hunger knew no bounds. And so they began to rationalize their avarice.

Eve wanted to eat of the tree of knowledge, "We will know how to act, and thereby be more pleasing to Him!" Adam nodded and agreed, but secretly his heart desired power. "Let us not be hasty," he said. "We may feel differently tomorrow. If not, then we can eat of the tree of knowledge."

As Eve slept that night, Adam went to the tree of power and carefully took down a fruit from one of its branches that danced with fire, and he secreted that fruit in the tree of knowledge.

Upon waking, Eve was still as certain as yesterday that they should eat of the tree of knowledge, and upon hearing this, Adam voiced his assent, saying "Let us go now, together to the tree."

As they approached the tree of knowledge, Adam asked, "Which fruit should we choose? I will climb and get it." Eve thought and chose, and Adam climbed. As he climbed back down, he looked down at Eve, her eyes wide with anticipation. "Eve, careful! There is a snake next to you!" As Eve jumped and looked for the snake, Adam took hold of the fruit of power and left Eve's choice in its stead.

Adam took the first bite, and Eve the second. As she swallowed and tasted power, the sky turned dark, lightning rent the heavens, and thunder shook the ground. God appeared before them in full wroth, "How dare you eat that which was forbidden!" and cast that cowering couple out of the Garden.

It is our lot to be able to do wonders, however we will not know how to prevent their evil effects nor will we live long enough to gain that wisdom.