Getting Rich in America by Dwight Lee and Richard McKenzie

Their advice works anywhere, not just in the States.

That said, for people who've already bought into a progressive economoptimist worldview, do you really need to know that buying a new Toyota Camry instead of a used one costs you 869,000 USD (at ages 23 to 67, with 8% return on money assumed). ;)

  1. Life has many opportunities -- work hard to understand and use them
  2. Compound Interest -- failure to understand this means you win poverty
  3. Temptation -- resist it
  4. Work on your education
  5. Get Married -- and stay that way
  6. Work to stay Healthy -- money + no health = no fun
  7. Take risks -- do your homework, then decide
  8. Life Balance -- reflect and review what you're doing