Abnormal Returns posted entirely the wrong analysis about Google Chrome.

Look out Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG) is getting into the browser business. (NYTimes.com, WSJ.com, GigaOm.com, Digital Daily, Tech Observer, Silicon Alley Insider, A VC)

"Look out Mozilla Foundation" is more like it. How much of their funding comes from Google search kickbacks? Google spends a lot of cash to own search in browsers; this has the potential to reduce those costs significantly.

Google and Mozilla (Corp, not Foundation - stupid tax implications) just renewed their contract for 3 more years. On top of that, many of the things touted in Chrome are already or soon-to-be in Mozilla Firefox; it already has the Awesomebar (Omnibar) and is going to be getting a JIT Javascript compiler which should speed JS up dramatically. The "tab homepage" idea was also gaining traction, even before Chrome came out. The only thing left is to make tabs more independent processes, which I'm sure will be thoroughly discussed now that Google is backing it somewhat. So, while Chrome might be new, many of its ideas and implementations aren't; it'll definitely be interesting to see what it shapes up to be and how it impacts the browser market. -Doug
I agree with that. It could and will impact Microsoft, but I see it having a greater affect in fragmenting the "second-place browser" market. Firefox has a lot more to lose to Google initially. If Firefox can keep up by incorporating some of the technological leaps made by Chrome, great, but they're going to have a lot of work to do the closer Google gets to Chrome 1.0 final.

I'm actually trying out Chrome right now as I post this and I've got to say it's hella fast for loading, opening new tabs, and for Javascript processing (i.e. Gmail and Google Reader are a lot faster than Firefox).

-- Cal