I have to admit that the best part of blogging lies in seeing what google searches get people to your site.

For example, today I got:

1)    urlview (page 1): 1           
2)    pitney bowes sucks (page 1): 1 
3)    patrick haller (page 1): 1      
4)    gullfoss fcc waterfall (page 1): 1 

The last one stands out because Gullfoss is the name of an Federal Communications Commission web/document server AND the name of a famous waterfall in Iceland. The only reason I know that it's a waterfall is because I saw gullfoss in the URL when visiting the FCC, and then looked it up in google.

I mentioned that in my blog, and now I've got a meta-google search where the searcher knows that it's a waterfall AND an FCC server. WTF? It's probably a bot; but in my heart I kinda enjoy the idea that someone may know all that and be oddly google'ing it. Kinky voyeurism or what? ;)

I was just doing something similar the other day. It is fun as hell to do. I was actually thinking about doing a blog post on it, but haven't gotten around to it. -- Nathan