Monday 2012-04-09

Over the weekend, I was asked to help roll out IPv6 for; they had a TP-LINK TL-WR.* running openwrt that they were trying to set up, so they could provide one wireless ESSID for IPv6 and another for IPv4.

Hackerspace network - desired

m1 fiber ONT - cisco 881 - |- tp-link - IPv6 ESSID 
                           -- mac airport extreme - IPv4 ESSID

They had gotten access to the 881 courtesy of M1 not wanting to help them debug 6in4 issues. After verifying that M1 wasn't filtering packets, I set up a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel on the 881 and added an EEM TCL script to handle the public IP change.

Hackerspace network - 2011 Apr 08

m1 fiber ONT - cisco 881 - mac airport extreme - IPv4/6 ESSID

Openwrt on the TP-Link seems to do well, the modularity certainly beats the license raj known as cisco. Especially when you can just add a USB disk and now the TP-LINK works as a multipurpose linux-based server.

So now has an extra TP-LINK and I got to use TCL twice in the same weekend.