Friday 2016-07-29

Had Steve Survived...

Cans of Coke are gross. Not just Coke, ... any canned drink. They are all gross. The tab opens, and it promptly contaminates your delicious drink. You have a drink, you want to drink it. Why is it that you have to push the world's filth into your drink in order to drink it? How can that make you happy?

Steve contemplates possible ways to not incidentally poison his drinks. All fail.

Steve cajols/threatens/co-opts people into working on "The Can". All fail.

Steve reaches the depths of desperation. Ever acutely aware, Joanna arranges for him to only ever get drinks in glasses, or at worst, bottles.

Steve recovers. Some say fully.

At a conference round-table discussion. Joanna sees refreshments heading up to the stage. There are cans. At times like this, she wishes she could freeze time, to fix Just This One Thing.

It's too late. Steve has been offered a can of Coke.... Joanna sees the calm settle into the corners of his eyes. She knows that NOW is the time to leave the premises.

In the parking lot, she hears a window shatter. She turns; a can hits a car. Then she hears the shouting.