Monday 2010-10-11

A friend sent me a a blog post on happiness.

I distrust what any one person says about something as subjective as happiness. I would rather they show up with a slew of data from many people and say "let's try to make sense of this".

  1. How do we measure happiness?
    He doesn't propose a metric
  2. How do we make ourselves happy?
    He says it's not just drugs in our brain, that we have to feel some kind of accomplishment.
    While I agree with him, a bunch of drug addicts seem not to.

From what I know of neurochemistry, the drugs really matter. However, habituation to drug levels means that we need to cycle on/off drugs. Perhaps this is the root of needing downs to define the ups?

There's some much more careful thinking (but still just thinking, iirc) about this at (But watch out for the wikipedia problem ) --Rehana