How I Invest My Money by Brown and Portnoy

It's weird how retrospective most of these stories are. I expected fewer aetiologies, and more balancings of future concerns.

I also expected less go-it-alone mass market investments and more cooperative investments such as the LLPs of Portnoy and Rogers.

While people talked about independence and stability, no one mentioned self-insuring. Finance people self-insure whenever possible because 1) you know/control the risks, 2) you are paying yourself, and 3) you won't be on-hold for hours while possibly grieving.

Likewise, none of the respondents nerd out. None of them have intra-day VaR because Aaron Brown said the process is educational. None of them have a tax-research feedback cycle like John Malone showed you should. And none of them talk about how their tech stack influences their holdings.

Finally, most of these portfolios are simple. While no one has stated plans for senescence, since all of the respondents are past their neurological prime and are on the down-slope, most of the setups seem geared correctly for that.

So what do I hold? What do I fear that others appear not to? And what would I like to hold?