Incredible Secret Money Machine by Don Lancaster

His title is crap, his writing style is conversational crap, and above all, do not follow his stock market investment advice.

That said, the premise is sound: work hard at creating residual incomes for yourself in your spare time, and before you know it, you'll be freer than you've ever been (yes this guy is from the 70's; there are lots of this and "that's a bad trip"-type comments). Some of his better points made:

  1. Avoid Psychic Energy Sinks (00's translation: Avoid Emotionally Draining Things)
  2. Do Not Watch TV
  3. Keep Learning
  4. Where's the Information (not) Flowing? Information is Power; who's got it?
  5. Get It In Writing if it's worth more than one day's work to you
  6. Sign Nothing Major without taking a day to think about
  7. Never Confront a Government Official - work in the system, or leave it.
  8. No Patents unless you have enough money to track down and sue abusers

This book was referenced in The Autodesk File, and acquired via Interlibrary Loan.