Just visited RichKnepper (Bloomington, IN) and AndyJensen (Seattle, WA) over two weekends. Rich just acquired a house and I helped break it in (my home-fixing tool-wielding skills need some definite honing (sorry Rich!)). While out there, I caught up with GeoffHing over food and a show with Rich. Granted, time's at a premium, but I hope those guys hit it off; both look for the long-term implications of events/policies and would most likely have some very interesting discussions.

Andy and MattRippey are both out in Seattle; Andy's getting hitched, and Matt's moving into the city. Met Andy's fiance (Alicia) and her son (Luke), and drove out to Snoqualmie Falls to hike down into the Falls basin. In the basin, there's a whole slew of boulders and large river rocks which are a blast to climb (reminded me of Connecticut shoreline, only without the barnacles); while mucking around with everyone in the Falls flash flood instant death zone, I was surprised at how good a fit Andy and Alicia were for each other -- they really work well together. The wedding will totally be a blast.