Interviewing in Depth by John T Chirban

Clips of Chirban's interviews where Chirban works well. I would like to also see the interviews that train wreck.

The I:R (interaction relationship) approach requires the interviewer's (a) self-awareness, (b) authenticity, (c) attunement, (d) posturing in the interaction, (e) engagement of relational dynamics, and (f) integration of his o her person in the process of interviewing.
Introduction, Origins of the I:R Approach
Carl Rogers observed that the more experienced the therapist, the more empathic the therapist. The more effective and experienced therapist exhibits more empathic gestures.
Chapter 2, Empathy
... without my prompting, told me that she went to Stanford, her "first choice" and had not applied to Harvard University. Aware that she knew of my Harvard affiliation, I found her statement provocative...
To my aastonishment, she informed me taht she did not permit recording of her interviews. Her remark caught me off guard, and I stopped. Furthermore, she instructed me to put the recorder away...
She argued that it would not and reaffirmed her decision that I "could not" record our discussion as she firmly placed both hands over her lap.
Chapter 3, Integrity
Expect sparring... ;)