Information transfer failure seems common to all organizations. We try to be understanding when information transfer didn't happen because of something unexpected, and way less charitable when the other person shows zero interest in reading the published internal docs.

From Google's top-secret insider blog, Mike Tsao provides a glimpse of the latter from the perspective of a guy who apparently spent a bit of time putting together documentation.

Imminent Target Of Rage: Hey Mike, so I saw we have a new schema for brillig, and the slithy toves need to gyre and gimble in the wabe, and anyway, I saw you sent out something about how to do this...

Mike: Yep, the first FAQ entry I sent out has a cut-and-paste command-line to whiffle the vorpal sword, which gimbles the wabe.

Imminent Target Of Rage: Oh, OK. Command line. I uninstalled my shell when the mome raths outgrabe, so I could still use some help.

Mike, beginning to seethe: The first FAQ entry also refers to the second FAQ entry, which addresses engineers who prefer a GUI interface.

Direct Target Of Rage: Hmm, all right. So anyway, I think I actually deleted your email with the link to the FAQ.

Mike: We use Google Apps. Nobody at this company deletes email.

Direct Target Of Boiling Rage: (long pause) Can you help me gimble the wabe?