Friday 2012-11-16, updated 2016-10-31

While there may be plenty of work for people and robots to do, that doesn't stop Alarmist Media from taking the other perspective and scaring people with claims that robots will steal your job.

Say you're a typical Alarmist Politician, how do you take advantage of the situation?

In order to create more jobs, you could legalize a lot of industries, and bring those jobs into the mainstream. Many voters would be upset over that, though; imagine people farming heroin just outside your town.

Or you could make even more things illegal. The same amount of people will work where they can find jobs. Additionally, with more laws being broken, you'd need to hire more police officers, guards, and build more jails.

Since you get more employment with outlawing more things, why wouldn't you choose that path? And perhaps that path has already been chosen? Just look at at incarceration rates since US manufacturing started its decline...

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